prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc.

prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc.

Prominent Heart Surgeon

jan pirk


Prof. MD. Jan Pirk, MD. (* 1948) is the head of the Cardio-center Clinic and Cardiovascular Surgery Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague. He started his career in 1972 at the Nymburk surgery in hospital. At the age of thirty-five, he traveled  to the USA, where he spent a year on an internship in New Orleans. In 1990 graduated  by annual practice at University Hospital in Denmark. Professor Pirk as a leading expert in cardiac surgery transplanted most of the hearts in Czech Republic.

The head of the Cardio-center ICEM became Manager of the Year in healthcare. One of the most interesting facts for Czech medicine history was year  2007, where  Jan Pirk has performed a unique operation, during which the patient transplanted two lungs and heart at the same time. It was a procedure that was performed in the Czech Republic for the first time, and also in the world with such operations only makes about eighty per annum.

On top of this movement, he promotes a healthy way of life, and he is still an active athlete – long-haul runs, cycling and participates in triathlons. The rest of free time with family and cottage. And he also likes to say:  “Let us follow the voice of your heart”.

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