Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis

Founding Board Director, Bitcoin Foundation. Previously CEO of Hushmail and Chief FX Dealer for VISA. Editor of The Monetary Future.

jon matonis


Jon Matonis was Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation until December 2014 and served as a board director for the group from its 2012 inception to the time he assumed the executive director position in 2013.

He is considered the foremost authority on virtual currencies, private currencies, and burgeoning e-money instruments such as Bitcoin, Gridcoin, social game credits, and stored value.

Matonis is a board advisor to start-ups in: bitcoin, cryptography, gaming, mobile and prepaid. His career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, VISA where he was Chief Forex Trader, VeriSign, and Hushmail where he was CEO.

He also provides e-money consulting services to companies on alternative currency programs, bitcoin processing, compliance, jurisdiction selection, monetization strategies, risk management, and virtual currency platforms.

His work on digital cash has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics. Matonis is also a columnist at Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk. He is Editor of The Monetary Future, a leading economics blog at the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency.

Jon Matonis will not only discuss Bitcoin but  Blockchain technologies as well. This  really hot topic nowadays is exactly Jon ‘s field of expertise and worldwide  banks,  top companies  are hiring Jon for internal workshops with him.

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